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Bothered by how I RP Simon? Want to comment on something I've done with the character? Click the link above to give me a piece of your mind, good or bad.

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Last Update: 10/02/10

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...Um... if anyone finds Kamina in the woods - I mean, if he comes back soon, and-


[Sob, and he was just taken. The chance of him being brought back so soon... even Kamina isn't that lucky. He's just desperately hoping he doesn't get sent home.]

...A-anyway, if you see him, please let me know...

[Simon's a little drowsy today; he's spent the last night and day hunting around for his bro, so he's cold, tired, and more than a little depressed. He'll be staggering back to C7 early this morning, don't mind him.

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Um... I want to ask anybody who knows how to fight...

How do you pick a weapon? I mean... how do you know what suits you best? Do you try them until you figure it out, or do you let someone pick for you? And what if you-


[Simon's going to be chilling out around the stairs at the entrance of community building 7, a sheathed sword tucked against his shoulder, holding an unsealed envelope and gazing at either it or the snow. He's bundled up for the cold, at least, but he doesn't seem bothered by it for once.

Every now and then he'll pull out the letter inside the envelope, read it, and cup his hands around the Core Drill at his neck, focused and intense. Nothing seems to happen though, so he'll quickly give up and go back to whatever he was doing before. As always, Boota is with him, though he's probably buried in the snow by the stairs or wandering around a bit.

Bother him?]

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...If you wanted to share some kind of message with a younger version of yourself, what would you say?

[Simon's in the plaza today, hanging out by the fountain and pondering his journal. At some point he might be scribbling out a note on a loose sheet of paper.]

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[With all the changes going on this week so far, Simon would normally not be puzzled to awaken and find himself suddenly enormous (in comparison to his usual size, anyway). Instead, he peers around a bedroom he doesn't recognize, brows furrowing for a little while before his eyes abruptly widen. He kicks off the bed, grabbing his journal on the way and hurrying to the window to open it and peer outside.

Yep, familiar. Just as familiar as the blue wings he spots on his back. His journal opens immediately, and-]

Luceti- this is Luceti, isn't it? I'm back again...

[Every seven years, huh. How strange. ...Wait. Is he still...?]


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Why does weird stuff always happen around this time of year? Does anybody even like Halloween...?

[Simon might have had more to say, but right afterwards, he hears an odd "buu-buu" in the background.]

...Huh? What- that was-

...Boota!? Hey, hold on!

[With a surprised gasp, he shuts the journal and hurries off. For the next little while he'll be following a little molepig around the village, looking concerned. And is it any wonder that the molepig is running? After all, Simon is trussed up in this costume, and looks quite unlike himself.]

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[Sup, Luceti. Have you had enough of apologies yet? Simon has just realized that last week, he was a colossal ass to everyone he met. And while he can't remember exactly why he ended up that way, the memories of his behaviour are very clear. As is the feeling of shame that comes with it. He's tried several times to put together some sort of reasonable apology - if anything could be reasonable after that - but the words continue to evade him, and nothing comes out right.

After a number of strained, struggling attempts, he finally gives up and keeps it simple.]

...I-I'm sorry. For everything...

[After that, Simon will retreat to the edge of the river closest to the plaza, where he'll be trying to recreate the little figures out of stone that had been destroyed during the earthquake. It's times like this that he misses Kamina more than ever.]

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[It's early morning, and Simon's new self is out walking. Waking up in his tunnel was nothing unusual; he'd created one in order to stay out of the way, what with half of the residents forced to move- he hadn't wanted to take up space someone else needed.

...No, wait, he hadn't wanted to be around anyone else, right? That's it, that's how he remembers it. Now if only he'd made the tunnel a little bigger. Damn thing had been so cramped.

Where was he again? Right, right, walking. So Simon is out and about, checking out the town, and there's a considerable difference: namely, the fact that the ground seems to have fixed itself, mostly along the main line of where the quake had hit. The shops and main buildings are much better than before, and once he sees that repairs are under way, he heads south instead, beelining right for the barracks. And as soon as he arrives-]

The clinic's fixed, get the hell out! This area's supposed to be for battle, not nursing the weak.

[He can be easily harassed in town or in the barracks. Or just bitch him out for yelling at such an ungodly hour |D]

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[Locked FROM Anise - pretty hackable but hopefully not for her |D;;]

Um... does anybody know what can impress a girl? I-I mean... you know... something that'll make a girl happy? Like a present, or...

...I don't know.

[Oh god Simon why are you doing this to yourself.]

[Locked TO Anise, ridiculously hackable, feel free to laugh at his fail]

Anise? I heard you were back, so... [I wanted to see how you were doing but was ridiculously shy as usual, augh.] ...Are you okay?

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[It's midafternoon, and Simon is down by the river, half-hidden under one of the bridges with drill in hand and his goggles lit. Lining the side of the bank are a collection of little stone statues, resembling these here. Not all of them are Kamina, of course; these all resemble people he knew who have been sent home, including but not limited to Kamina, Kinon, Jade, Akira, and Denzel. They're not perfect, but considering what he's carving them out of and what he's carving with, they're not half bad.

Above his head, though he has yet to notice it, is the thought bubble containing a variety of mixed thoughts.]

((Why do they keep leaving?))

((I wish they'd come back.))



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[Someone sounds a tad depressed.]

Is there still room in the building all the kids are moving to? I think... I'm gonna go there, too. I don't want to stay here anymore.

[Filtered to Albert]

It's gonna to take a little longer to do what you asked me to do... I'm sorry. I'll try to finish it soon.


[Simon's sitting on the steps of House 37, hugging his knees, the journal beside him. He's had a very confusing couple of weeks, and with Kinon now gone, the house feels way too lonely for one person. He'll pack later, but right now he just doesn't feel like dealing with it.]

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I'm glad it's stopped snowing... it's really tiring, shoveling all the time. How long does winter last, anyway? I don't remember it too well.

Hey, um... the snowstorm we had before made me think. A lot of people here can fight when there's dangerous people around, and the experiments are usually okay... but what if that kind of thing happens for longer than a couple days? I mean, it's possible, right? People could be stuck in their houses with no way to get food or anything.

Maybe I should dig more tunnels...

[Simon's hanging around outside House 37, chopping firewood. Awkwardly. Really he's terrible at it, he'd be better off drilling through them, the dummy Watch out for flying wood blocks if you happen to be passing by!]

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[Anyone around the shop plaza might notice Simon walking from the item bazaar to house 37 dragging or carrying some supplies, namely planks of wood and some basic building materials. Simon's got a little project on the go despite the cold, and he looks determined to get it done. He's wearing Anise's Tokunaga doll on his back.

Residents of house 1 might hear some clumsy construction noises going on close to the building as well, behind the big tree on the right side. Bother away?]

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[There's a stomp-stomp-stomp of Simon running, journal in hand and open after reading a number of the entries of the day.]

Aniki! Get up, you gotta see what's going on outside! You're sleeping... in...


[Sounds of shuffling, doors and drawers opening, then a small thump as the journal hits the bed.]


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[Obvious pauses = OBVIOUS AWKWARDNESS.]

That was a really weird experiment... I wonder why we had to switch bodies like that?


Um... before I forget... Kamina's back now, and Miss Kinon's staying at the house too. I guess I should go home.

Anise, Mister Jade, Miss Nephry, Mister Peony... thank you for letting me stay with you! It was really nice to stay with you instead of being on my own. I'm sorry if it caused any trouble at all for you.

Anise... I- ...can you- ...I wanna- ...can we still- ...


Oh! Aniki and I want to see your fonic artes sometime! Do you mind? I mean, it's okay if you don't want to or can't, I dunno if there's rules about this-


Uh- right, I forgot! Genis, can we hang out sometime too? I wanna show you something! ThoughI should probably get help with my math homework, but I'd rather not do it because it's really boring and-


Ah- that wasn't supposed to record...

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Does... does anyone know what I can do to help? I can dig holes and tunnels really quickly... maybe I could help with the barricades? I just... don't know what else...

[Simon is hanging around outside the house he and Kamina have shared for a while, looking rather pathetic, sitting in the dirt and sharpening his drill. The house is way too big and lonely for just one person, especially when he's used to living with someone as loud and outgoing as Kamina, so he doesn't really want to be inside right now.

He's been suitably freaked out since the sacrifice post and hasn't really talked to anyone about it, and with both Cloud and Kamina gone now and the entire village working away at protecting it from whatever's coming, he feels pretty lost in the flow of things. Bother? Console? Harass? W/E D| ]

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[Simon's feeling kind of down on his luck today; Denzel's gone, Cloud's still with Tifa, and Anise's kidnapping is sort of the icing on the cake. He's hanging out by the southern river closest to the shop plaza, attempting to skip stones.

Someone come cheer the kid up?]

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Um... Kamina? Can I stay with you for a few days?

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...Ah... Miss Raine, or Genis... or anybody, really... I guess I will need help with reading again. I've been trying to practice, but I remember that braille stuff better than regular writing. It's really weird.

The writing here is different from the symbols Ron and Yoko showed me on our world, too. Is it the same for everyone else? Does your world have a special way of reading and writing, or a language? I just think it's funny how everyone can understand each other here...

I mean, it's good that we can, but... it's weird, right?

.....um... Miss Aerith? Did something happen with you and Papa?

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O-ow... what...?


Aniki? Yoko? Where is-


[There's a slow shuffling of pages for a long moment, then a sharp gasp. Finally, a quick tapping against the page.]

This... this is Luceti, right? I'm in Luceti?

Am I dreaming again...?

[Ayup, guess who's back already.]

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Note: Everything in this journal prior to this entry is Simon, aged SEVEN.


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[Possessed by the earth spirit, but to a lesser degree than most, Simon is... well, underground. He's back to digging his tunnels around the village, popping up in random locations throughout to create a bit of his own custom irrigation, ie. digging holes everywhere and generally making a big mess. But he seems so content as he does it, and he doesn't even notice the size of his wings.

Feel free to notice him causing chaos in your gardens, though he might be a little distracted \o]

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Hey Papa! And everyone at home, I guess... I found a couch outside, and it's really, really comfy! And you can bounce on it! I dunno why it's outside though... it feels nice... who would leave a nice couch like this?

A-anyway! Can we keep it? It can fit inside, right?

Maybe we could get Uncle Zack to sit with us in the living room so he's not stuck in his bed all the time?

[Simon is referring to this monstrosity, left oh-so-kindly by the road near their house in this thread. Since he's blind, he cannot see it. So. Yes. :|]

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Papa's gonna kill us!

[Someone's feeling SMOTHERED by mama.]

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