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dawndigger's Journal

5 June 1985
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my drill is my soul!
believe in me who believes in you!
mine is a drill that will pierce the heavens!
on my back and in my heart...

Fandom: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Gender: Male
Age: 14 years
Taken From: End of episode 7
Wing Colour: Light blue
Death Count: I RESET
Penalty: n/a

Simon is, at the core, a strong soul hidden in a kid whose confidence has taken a few too many good beatings. He's quiet, a little shy but not overly so, and smiles easily if you take the time to befriend him. He's very heartfelt and tends to let his emotions run into the extreme, and in some scenarios he can get carried away. Still, he means well. One curious quirk of his is that he loves to dig. Rock, sand, dirt, whatever. If there's something to find, he'll be sure to start looking, particularly if it's treasure. He has a talent for it, and it doesn't take him long to dig himself anywhere. Simon has something of a monkey-see monkey-do mindset, as well. When he admires someone, he adapts to how they behave and emulates them. Losing that person can devastate him.

Power-wise, he has a rather ridiculous store of spiral energy (sort of like life force) in that cute little body of his, but with the way he is now it's mostly suppressed, and would take a good deal of encouragement (aka Kamina) to draw out that power. He packs quite a punch when it's unleashed - it's just a matter of getting to that point. Also, his drill is his soul.

He was born in an underground village called Jiha, living there with his parents until the age of 7, when they died in a digging incident, specifically an earthquake. After that he was raised with the other orphans of the village, Kamina included (his self-appointed big brother). Inhabitants of the village are forbidden from leaving or attempting to reach the surface, and due to that he'd never seen the surface world until he and Kamina broke out with the mecha Lagann. Joining with Yoko and a group of other rebels, he and Kamina have become the leading force of the Dai-Gurren Brigade, with their mechas combined as Gurren Lagann.


RP journal of Simon for luceti, played by fontech.